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Who we are and what we do

GLOBAL MONT group was founded in 2017 by taking over all activities of the company František Šubrt - kovomontáže, which was established in mid-1991 after the maintenance section of the former state-owned company Optimit Odry was privatized.

The founder of the company, František Šubrt, combined all the activities for which this section was responsible and supported by 12 employees, began to carry out the maintenance and installations of pipe energy distribution systems, engine rooms, boiler rooms, and exchanger stations.


Service portfolio

Comprehensive solutions for

moving and installation of machines and production units

If you need to move your manufacturing technology, be it within the company grounds or worldwide, we are here for you. We will disassemble your production lines into transportable size, transport, reassemble, and put them back into operation.

The service includes:

  • Disassmebly of machinery and technology units
  • Transport
  • Repairs, refurbishments, modernization, and extension with new machinery and equipment
  • Installation
  • Design, supply and installation of energy sources and distribution systems
  • Commissioning and setup in compliance with applicable laws
Equipment for

the Energy sector

We cannot make a perpetuum mobile, but we know how to prepare energy sources for you and your technological equipment, including their transport from here to the required place.

The service includes:

  • Indoor and outdoor energy pipelines for production and non-production units
  • Hot water pipes, heat pipes, steam pipes, industrial hot water distribution systems, and drinking water distribution with pre-insulated pipes or conventional technology
  • Steam and condensate systems
  • Compressed air
  • Machine chilled water, drinking, utility, and anti-fire water
  • Engine rooms, exchanger stations, boiler rooms
  • Compressor rooms, cooling machinery rooms, steam generators
  • Exchange stations and household steam, hot water, and warm water transfer stations
  • Gas and solid fuel boiler rooms
Production and installation

of steel strutures

The supply of steel structures and locksmith production for the industry and construction sectors is also part of our services.

The service includes:

  • Production and installation of steel structures
  • Construction steel structures
  • Shelters, warehouses, sheds
  • Loadbearing steel structures, energy bridges, masts
  • Metal production
  • Custom metal production - bars, consoles, hinges, landings, galleries, fencing, gates
  • Manufacturing handling and storage equipment
single purpose machinery, optimization

single purpose machinery, optimization

We supply single purpose machinery and equipment, starting with construction design, through production all the way to commissioning. Not only can we make new machines, but we can also modernize and refurbish your existing equipment.

The service includes:

  • Developing new machines, equipment, and production units from the specification until their implementation into the production process
  • Manufacturing machines, equipment, and production units according to the provided documentation
  • Special single purpose equipment
  • Agents and manipulation equipment
  • Evaluating the current production
  • Proposing measures leading to optimization
  • Designing replacements of human work by machines
  • Calculating investments and returns
  • Financing options
  • Design implementation

Our most current


Our partners are not only manufacturing companies in the automotive industry, but also construction companies, energy companies, heat producers and suppliers, water companies and, last but not least, managers of housing and administrative complexes, cities and municipalities.

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History and vision of the company

The company started out back in 1991, when František Šubrt privatized the section for the maintenance of pipelines, engine rooms, boiler rooms, and exchanger stations of the former state-owned company Optimit Odry.

From the very beginning, the company František Šubrt - kovomontáže specialized not only in energy services, but also in services in the metal production, steel structure welding, locksmithing, and production units and machinery repairs and refurbishing.

Already in the first hallf of the 1990s, we participated in the relocation of complete production of rubber products from the OtaloAustria company to Optimit in Odry.

In 1993, we established cooperation with ASTE Klimkovice, a company importing pre-insulated pipes from the Danish company LögstörRör, and we have become one of their key partners for the installation of this type of pipes. We have installed probably tens, if not hundreds of kilometers of these pipes until today. .

After 2000, we began to be involved more in the transfers of production units and the closely related design and production of single purpose machinery, as well as the repairs, refurbishments, and modernizations of machines and production lines. To date, we can be proud of completed transfers of technology units from almost any country in Europe - Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain, England, France, Poland, Slovakia, and others.

In 2006, we solved the lack of production space by purchasing a production compound in Jakubčovice nad Odrou. Here, we can develop and expand our activities further.

Since 2017, we have been transferring all activities of the company's founder, František Šubrt, to the newly established company GLOBAL MONT group, spol. s r.o..

In 2018, we bought the company Q-VAT, spol. s r.o. This enables us to expand our portfolio of services with works such as technical gases installations, the construction of water supply, sewerage, and gas connections, as well as installations of water-heat-gas units.

In the future, we plan to expand our activities with earthworks, in order not to be dependent on subcontractors and allowing us to offer our customers complete and comprehensive services.

We are constantly striving to modernize our technical equipment and increase the qualification of our employees in order to meet the ever-increasing requirements of our partners.

12,000m2 compound

460m2 of installation preparation workshops

450m2 of unheated warehousing space

Facilities and offices

How to contact us? We are we located?

Contact information

Headquarters and mailing address

Company address

GLOBAL MONT group, spol. s r.o.
Oderská 79
742 36 Jakubčovice nad Odrou
ID: 05611628


(+420) 556 730 585

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General Manager of the companyMichal Šubrt+420 739 204 509
General Manager of the daughter company Q-VAT, spol. s r.o.Radim Kysilko+420 603 214 198
Clerk, AssistantMonika Helisová+420 739 203 927